The King of Clubs Official Newsletter

October 2008 Edition

                                                 Rotary International, District 7450

  Editor: Robert Hart            Photographer:  Donald Brown             Editor-at-Large: Carl Pinto

Weekly Luncheon Meetings:  Mondays 12:15 p.m. 


 Dolce Valley Forge Hotel & Conference Center


October Events
Yom Kippur: October 9th   Columbus Day: October 13th
United Nations Day: October 13th   Halloween: October 31st


October Rotary Meetings & Speakers


October  6:   Jennifer Seboek     Life Line Screening
October 13th:   Valerie Leone   Meals on Wheels
October 20th:   Patrick English   Pairing Wines and Foods* *This meeting will be held at Fleming's Steakhouse located on 555 East Lancaster Avenue in Radnor, (next to the Radnor Hotel). The meeting will start at 12:15 p.m. There will be no meeting at the Dolce Valley Forge on this date. The cost for the lunch meeting is $15 and is for members only. The phone number to Fleming's Steakhouse is: 610-588-9463. Website:
October 27th:   Audrey Leavitt   Polio Plus in Nigeria
October 27th:   Rotary Board Meeting   10:45 a.m. Meeting will be held at the Dolce Valley Forge.










 October  Flower:  Dhalia                   October Birthstone:  Opal


 Monthly Honorees


Birthdays   Wedding Anniversaries   Service Anniversaries
Ulrich Rimrott 1st   Faith & John Silverthorne 16th   Sue Basile  17 years
Faith Silverthrone  2nd    Chuck & Laurie Langman     22nd   Don Brown               37 years
Frank Nolan          16th   John & Jerry Myles               28th   Barry Fry                  28 years
Karen Geller         18th   Chris & Kay Bryant               30th   Bob Jordon               20 years
Jeff Guzy              22nd       Faith Silverthorne      6 years
Arthur Powell        24th        
Arthur Powell        24th        
Barry Fry               29th        




Rotary International President

Dong Kurn Lee


District Governor

Joel Chesney


Asst. District Governor

 Arthur S. Klein



King of Prussia Rotary

Club Officers



George Shoffner


President Elect

Dave Rebmann 


Vice President

Faith Silverthorne



Christopher Bryant



Jeff Guzy



Board of Directors
John Alfonse   Dave Oscar
Sue Basile   Carl A. Pinto
Robert Hart   Henry Poor
Rose Hykel   Peter Quinn
Lee Koch   Dave Staiger


Avenues of Service Committees


Club Service I:   Dave Rebmann
Archives:   Maria Nark
Club Manual:   Grover Emrich
Seargent at Arms:   Chris Bryant
Attendance:   Chris Bryant
Membership:   Tom Hough
Membership Roster:   Chuck Langman
Classification:   Bill Gordon
Legal/CPA:   Barry Fry & Tom Rees
Member Receptions:   Wellington Hu
Club Service II:   John Alfonse
Gundaker Foundation:   Rose Hykel
Krown Prints & Public Relations:   Bob Hart
Fireside Chat:   Paul Gaffney & Carl Pinto
Community Service:   Dave Oscar
Community Fair:   Dave Oscar & Peter Quinn
Valley Forge Park:   Grover Emrich
Caroling:   Frank Nolan
Police/Firefighter Awards:   Daryl Bacchi & Ulrich Rimrott
International Service:   Carl Pinto
Rotary Foundation:   Carl Pinto
K of P Foundation:   Carl Pinto
Polio Eradication:   Audrey Leavitt
Youth Exchange:   Fred Giuffrida